A.D. Rizakis was born in Karya, a village on the mountain Olympus – central Greece – in 1943; he is the last of a five children family ruined by the war and forced to refuge in the neighboring town of Larissa, at the beginning of the civil war (1947). After completing his high School studies he applied to the School of Military Medicine his candidature for the School of military Medicine, but was excluded because of engagement with the left one of his brothers. This misfortune compelled to change course and to turn to philological studies. Ranked among the best candidates for the entrance examination to the university he received a scholarship was offered from the Department of Philology and Archaeology of the University of Thessaloniki. He was graduated some years later (1962-1967) and his first job at the tourist office of the city’s international airport but the colonel’s dictatorship forced to leave his post some months later (August 1967). After a difficult period he managed to seek refuge to France (1972) where he studied Greek and Latin epigraphy, numismatics and Greek and Roman history at the University of Lyon II-Lumières and at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (1972-1979). He obtained his Master (1974) and PhD (thèse d’État) in Ancient history from the University of Lyon II- Lumières in 1979. He was appointed “lecteur” of the Greek language and civilization at the University Jean-Moulin-Lyon III (1974-1978), « assistant associé » of Ancient history at the University of Saint-Etienne (1978-1980). He taught Ancient Greek history at the University of Crete (1980-1981). He was visiting professor at the University Lyon II-Lumières (1986-1987), at the University of Cyprus (1996) and he gave many seminars on Greek and Latin epigraphy at the University of Athens (2002-2004 and 2006-2008). Since 1998 he was elected as Professor of Ancient History at the University of Nancy 2. He spent many years in historical researches as Research fellow and then Director of Research at the National Research Foundation Center, in the Institute for Greek and Roman Antiquity (1981-2010). A.D. Rizakis was invited member at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (1994). He is a member of the Athens Archaeological Society, the German Archaeological Institute and of many Greek or European scientific associations. He is, since 2002, president of the Society for research and culture and national representativein the “Association Internationale de l’Epigraphie Grecque et Latine” (2002-2012). A.D. Rizakis has extensively lectured and carried out research in Europe and North America. For his work he has received the Bronze Medal of the Academy of Athens and prices for some of his books.

Research interests

Greek and Roman history, epigraphy, Roman onomastics, acculturation, settlement and landscape archaeology, economic and social history of Greece under the Romans.